Double click on my computer
Double click on Dial up Networking
Double click on make new connection
Type a new for your connection: Tomah
No Aear code
Phone number is: 374-2751
Click on next and then finish
Click on the icon of Tomah with the right button of your mouse
Drop down to properties, click with the left button
Click on Server type
Take off all the check marks except for
enable software compression & TCP/IP
Click ok
Then right click on the icon of Tomah
Drop down to create a shortcut
It'll say can't create one here do you want to send it to the desktop yes
Close the Dial up Networking box
In the My Computer box double click on control panel
Double click on Networking
Make sure TCP/IP is installed

To install TCP/IP click on add, double click on protocol
On the left side highlight Microsoft and on the right side double click on TCP/IP

Double click on TCP/IP
Click on the DNS Configuration tab
Enable DNS
Put (User Name ) in host
Put in Domain
Put in the box with the three periods
Click on add
Go to the top and click on Gateway
Put in the box with the three periods
Click on add
Go to the bottom and click on Ok and Ok again
Yes you want to reboot your computer
Close your control panel and you are set
When you go to use the dialer the first time check the user name and password to make sure it is correct
Open up your email program
It'll ask for your name (full name)
and your email address
the mail server is a pop3 server
The incoming mail server is:
The outgoing mail server is:
The user name is your user name and then the password
If you need any help just give me a call at 374-2744