What happens is that when you go get your email you aren't getting all your email for some reason When you go get your email ...your email handler will ask the mail server for your email The mail server will ask who you are and what is your password... once it verifies who you are it will look in the mail box and tell you that you have so many emails at this size. Then starts to down load it to you. If everything goes correctly once you get all your emails your computer will tell the mail server that you got so many emails and it was this size is that waht I was suppose to get..ANd the mail server will say yes and then delete your emails from the mail server mail box. However if something happens before you gett all your emails and your computer can't tell the mail server that it got all the emails wqhat happens then is that the mail server will just expect that you didn't get your email. And the next time that you go to get your emails it will start all over. Only way to fix this is to give me a call (374-2744) and tell me that you have down load so many emails out of so many messages.....then I can go in and see what the problem is.