Windows Xp
Click on start
go up to all program
Click on Accessories
click on communications
Usually the second from the bottom will be new connection wizard
Welcome to the New Connection Next
Connect to the Internet is already next
Check setup my connection next
Click on Connect using a dial-up next
Type a name for your ISP...Type next
Type in phone next
Type in your user name and your password and confirm your next
Completing the wizard....put a check in add shortcut to my on finish
Ok now for the email
click on start
move up to Outlook Express
It should as for your name (full name)
Your email address
Your mail server is a pop3
In the box for incoming mail server:
In the box for out going mail server:
Your account name
Your password
Close outlook express
Double click on Tomah
Click on properties(bottom right)
Click on Network (top right)
Click on properties (middle right)
The 4th period down (use the following DNS server address
Type in
alternate DNS
click Ok
click ok
then you are ready to Dial