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Fort McCoy

Fort McCoy is a Total Force Warfighting Training Center with the primary mission of providing training for and, therefore, ensuring the readiness of reserve and active component military forces. This mission is multi-faceted:

Fort McCoy serves as a support installation, which involves supporting the needs of all units training here, the other activities on the installation, and various government agencies located off post. Fort McCoy's off-post support area is among the largest in the United States.

Fort McCoy also is a major mobilization site for preparing and deploying US Army Reserve and Army National Guard units for any contingency.

The United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) in Atlanta, Ga., is Fort McCoy's higher headquarters. In addition to the missions of training, readiness and mobilization, Fort McCoy is the USARC executive agent for installation management. This mission designates Fort McCoy as the "parent" installation for the management of four subinstallations -Fort Pickett, VA; Fort Devens, Mass; and Parks Reserve Forces Training Area and Fort Hunter Liggett in California. Fort McCoy's responsibilities in this misison include command and functional staff support to provide assistance required for sustainment of training mission at the subinstallations.

As a world-class installation, Fort McCoy's continuing goal is to provide excellent customer services and facilities and enhanced quality of life for all who train, work, or live here. The Fort McCoy community truly is unique, with the Total Army team - active, reserve and civilian components - working together for the betterment of all facets of life at the installation.

In May 1995, Fort McCoy was recognized in a ceremony at the Pentagon as a winner in the 1994 Army Communites of Excellence competition. The $500,000 in prize monies that accompained the award will be reinvested in the community to make it even better.

Training Opportunities

Located in the heart of the upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only US Army instllation in Wisconsin and is the Army's only facility focused on providing Total Force warfighting training. For the last 10 years, the installation annually has provided support and facilites for the field and classroom training of more than 100,000 military personnel from all services.

The Fort McCoy complex is situated on 60,000 acres; 48,000 of which are available for maneuver and training. An additional 67,000 acres are available in neighboring counties through land-lease agreements.

Units training at Fort McCoy will find theinstallation's superb location, quality terrain and four-season climate offer significant year-round training opportunities.

Soldiers training here have access to a full spectrum of facilities, ranges, training areas and classrooms that support individual and collective training, compatible with environmental standards. The installation also features an air-to-ground impact area and two airborne drop zones.

A state-of-the-art Multi-Purpose Training Range was completed and made available for training in 1994. This range permists armor, mechanized infantry and combat aviation units to conduct annual crew qualification.

Also serving to enhance Fort McCoy's training capabilities is easy access to a full range of transportation services, including air, ground, rail and water. Located on Fort McCoy are the Sparta Fort McCoy Airport, a joint-use military/civilian faciltiy, and Young Field, a tactical landing site. Both are capable of handling aircraft as large as the C-130.

Fort McCoy also is "home" to a wide variety of other activities that further broaden the scope of training available here. The Army Reserve Readiness Training Center, the only facility of its kind in the Army, and the Mobilization and Training Equipment Site, with loan equipment to training units, are but a few examples.

Employment Information

Fort McCoy is the largest employer in Monroe County and within the greater La Crosse area. Currently, the installation's workforce consists of approximately 2,338 civilivans and 304 permanent-party military personnel.

Community Life

In recent years, many quality-of-life projects were completed or initiated at Fort McCoy to benefit personnel associated with the installation. These include:

The Fort McCoy Chapel provides comprehensive religious support for the entire Fort McCoy Community to include religious services, weddings, funerals and counseling.
[The Fort McCoy Chapel]

A full-time medical clinic, operated by a health-services contractor, to serve the medical needs of active-duty military personnel and their family members.

A 10,000 square-foot commissary that stocks approximately 7,000 items.

Construction of a military family housing complex in Tomah, WI. This $8.5 million housing project consists of 80 single-family swellings, which feature 20 different housing styples that range from 1,200 to 1,550 square feet. The project also includes common facilities, such as playgrounds, ball fields, nature areas, tennis courts, walking and jogging trails and a community building.

Surrounding Communities

Goods and services not readily available on the installation can be obtained in the civilian communities, many of which are within easy driving distance.

Fort McCoy is located approximately seven miles west of Tomah, six miles east of Sparta, 25 miles south of Black River Falls, and 35 miles east of La Crosse. Each of these communities is home to a variety of industries, and offer many recreational and social opportunities and events.

The installation enjoys positive working relationships with, and public support from, the chambers of commerce, county and school boards, civic organizations, veterans groups and the general citizenry within these communities.

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